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In the first week of October, 150 participants set out to make impact on Learning outcomes. Three and a half months later, the Learning Lab has ended and all the participants take back their Wednesday evenings.

The finale of the learning lab took place in Amsterdam. Monday, December 15th marked the start of the Bootcamp and the five winning teams worked toward their end-presentations. Let’s introduce the five winning teams:

Belgium: Reddie – Make reading more interesting by implementing elements that the reader relates to – like the name of his or her friends and pictures of mom and dad!

Finland: Geek-it – A peer-to-peer help platform. Who can better explain your homework than a fellow student?

The Netherlands: Tuto – Helping children in primary school learning how to read by use of voice recognition software.

Poland: Team Up – An interactive whiteboard application to help teachers keeping their students motivated.

Sweden: Science Stew – A virtual laboratory for elementary science teachers. Never run out of stock for your experiments again!

The founding teams were set out to convince Sanoma that their concept needed a place in the real world. In order to get there, the teams worked hard to validate their ideas. They were powered by design, UX and programming support to create their minimum viable products and they validated their concepts by getting out of the building. They talked to their audiences and designed experiments to validate their riskiest assumptions.

It might sound romantic to be flown into Amsterdam to join the Bootcamp. But remember that most participants didn’t see much of Amsterdam. All the teams have worked incredibly hard to get to the end of the programme. And were all very dedicated into making their idea the next big thing in Learning. This meant working early mornings and late nights for all of us.

The final day of Bootcamp was the conclusion of all effort, which was put in. It was about preparing the pitches, fine-tuning the prototypes and getting ready to impress the audience. The five teams showed their work of the week and with out a doubt, succeeded in impressing the audience with all their progress.

What’s next?

All the teams made a big impression on John Martin and Johan Merlevede. Sanoma Learning will get together and will get back to the teams before the 15th of January. Perhaps the ideas will become ventures, maybe part of an existing team. And the participants? They will get to take the acquired knowledge about making an idea a product back. Whether it is to Sanoma, or to the classroom. It was quite a ride. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet again for the Learning Lab 2015!






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