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Growth Hacking


Growth Hacking is all about creative and data driven marketing and product development. It is a combination of creative marketing, knowledge of technology, behavioural psychology and data analysis. Growth Hacking is:

• Aimed at full-funnel engagement;
• Focussed at reaching scaling sustainably;
• Experiment and process driven;
• Commitment to transitioning signups to superusers;
• Done with a cross-functional skill set (including SEO, SEA, data analysis and programming);
• going beyond communicating the value you offer and actually being beholden to delivering
• it not a silver bullet, the answer to all your problems or magic.

What can you expect?

• Setting up of a growth framework
• Setting up and / or coaching of a growth team like the ones at Facebook and Twitter
• Ideas for and execution of experiments to grow your business
• Analysis of the experiments

This presentation gives a basic introduction into the subject. Showing what is possible and what other companies have done. The presentation was given at Sanoma in the spring of 2014.

Who is it for?

Preferred: companies with at least €500.000 revenue per year


To be discussed