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Design Sprints


A design sprint is a workshop to aimed at maximising the chances of making something people actually want. It is consists of 5 phases and is based on the sprints by Google Ventures and Jake Knapp:

1. Understanding the problem and customer;
2. Coming up with solutions;
3. Choosing the best solution(s);
4. Prototyping (creating a minimum viable concept);
5. Testing the solution with actual users.


• If you see a business opportunity in a new or existing product or service and want to validate your solution with the market as quickly as possible. For example, making a mobile app for your business.
• If you need speed, efficiency and focus. Instead of spending months on getting to the next stage of an idea, the design sprint is structured to build and (in)validate your solution within 5 days.
• If you want to make sure everybody in your team to have a say, not just the ones that are naturally the loudest. The structure of the sprint will give all participants an even chance to participate, increasing the performance of your team to a higher level than normal.




1 to 5 days, depending on requirements